Welcome to the FAQs page. Here’s a list of commonly asked questions about the trip.


Q: Is it true that you’re fluent in Spanish?

A: A common misconception… Although my Spanish is much better than my Chinese, I’m quite the novice. I’ve been learning (slowly) and I’m sure that after the first 3 hours in Mexico I’ll be just about fluent. I’ll supplement my verbal skills with ample hand gestures and faces of confusion.


Q: Tierra del Fuego, that’s like a hop, skip and jump away from Texas, right?

A: Close. Highly sophisticated computer models from the internets and advice from fellow travelers judge the ride to be around 20,000 miles. After meeting up with Charles this December in Mexico, we’ll be moving swiftly for 4 months. There are lots of variables. For example: Taking main roads vs. back roads, weather, and how many times I have to backtrack after getting lost or for getting gear.


Q: What type of hog are you riding?

A: My beast, nicknamed El Burro, is a 2001 Kawasaki KLR650. It’s a workhorse – not a beauty queen. With about 9,000 miles already under the belt, and a few modifications, it’s ready to roll.


Q: Surely you’ve done extensive amounts of long distance motorcycling to prepare for the trip, right?

A: You’d think so… I’ve done a few weekend trips around New England with hopes to do a summer 2009 loop of New England – Nova Scotia – Newfoundland – Labrador – Quebec – and back to New England. However, some last minute business needs had me on a plane to Asia and I decided to spend my vacation rock climbing in Yangshuo, China.


2 thoughts on “FAQs

  1. April in Terra Del Fuego may be cold, and more importantly, have iced over roads!

  2. Hi Ben,
    What did your daily spend workout to over the total period? Would it be possible for 2 people, 2 bikes (approx 65 miles per US gallon) to do it on $100 (USD) for both (husband & wife).


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