Points of Interest

Here’s the deal folks… I’ve created a collaborative Google Map where all of you can add placemarks. Here’s a few suggestions for types of places to add:

  • Ben, I have a friend / family member / colleague in _____. They’d be happy to put you up for the night.
  • Yo Ben! Last year I went to _____. The city if beautiful and you should certainly check it out!
  • Hey Benny, you gots to check out the surf spot in _____. Killer waves bra!
  • Ben-san, my uncle’s neighbor’s former roommate highly recommends staying in the _____ Hotel. They have a friendly staff and are close to all the action in town.
  • Ben, you dirtbagger, be sure not to miss the excellent climbing in _____. The rock is amazing and the pub down the street has deliciously cheap cervezas!

For those of you without a google account, you can always contact me with the details. Here are some things to consider when suggesting a point of interest:

  • GPS coordinates (not required, but helpful)
  • Address (Street, City, Province, Country)
  • Picture (not required, but appreciated!)
  • Your connection (friend/family/colleague)
  • Short description about why this is a great place to visit


5 thoughts on “Points of Interest

  1. mike ariel


    frenchman street in New Orleans…great Jazz. Get a Po-boy at Mother’s.

    • Meg S.

      is this the mike ariel who teaches at salem hs(photo)? if so, small world.

  2. Hope to see you along the way! It looks like I’ll be doing the trip backwards because of my job with me flying my bike to Buenos Aires in November. I have a dear friend in Rosario, Argentina and would encourage you to stop and wisit with the Motoclub De Rosario http://www.motoclubrosario.com.ar/

  3. Meg S.

    I am running/training for a marathon with the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society and met a woman from Chili. She told me she has LOTS of friends who would be willing to put you up. Let me know when you get there & I’ll send you the connections.

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