Another Quick Update – New Orleans

After riding down to Key West I made my way back north and am headed west. I’m spending the Haloween weekend in New Orleans with friends. I promise some pictures and stories once life slows down a bit in Mexico.

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3 thoughts on “Another Quick Update – New Orleans

  1. Hot blooded

    I NEED MORE COWBELL! I mean more pictures…

    • Benny

      Next week, I’ll be in Mexico and will stay in one location for a few days. I’ll share LOTS of pictures šŸ™‚

  2. Cheryl

    Hey! Sam may have mentioned me?!?! Did he say I was born in N.H?…..and that I do know what it means to miss NEW Orleans! Even got to spend a halloween there as well! Have truly enjoyed reading and viewing your phots and THANX so much for helping Semen with his tire that day! Was he glad he’d met up with you guys! Take care and keep on bloggin!

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