In The Mean Time…

I’ve been broken down in El Salvador for about 5 days now (not sure exactly how many days, I lost track). More info to come soon but until then I thought I’d share two things with you all.

First, I can review my blog stats and one is a list of terms that people have typed into search engines that lead them to my blog. Sometimes they are apt and sometimes they are a bit strange… Here’s today’s list. I’m particularly proud of the first line item.

Blog Stats

Second is an article from Chris Guillebeau at The Art of Non-Conformity. I read Chris’ blog regularly and this short article really hits the spot when thinking about my trip. It’s titled Beware of Life. It’s a short article and I recommend reading it through. He talks about living life and taking risks. Here’s a quick blurb.


But if something ever does happen to me, all of you can tell the real story to anyone who asks: Chris didn’t want to take any risks on missing out. That’s why he climbed the mountain.

Instead of trying to live a risk-free existence, let me tell you a few things that are truly worth worrying about:

The road not taken.
The destination not explored.
The adventure not pursued.
The life unlived.

If we’re going to lose sleep over something, it seems to me that those are the things that should keep us awake.

Life is dangerous. It’s risky. It’s worth it.

I hope to be back on the road quickly and moving south to explore new lands and meet new people. Stay tuned!

Oh and don’t worry about Charles, he’s been lounging on the beach while I’ve been in the city.

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